Emerald Bookings

Terms and Conditions

Agency Terms and Conditions

Thank you for being a client of Emerald Bookings. In order to keep prices low and booking/planning fee at $0, please read and adhere to the terms and conditions below before submitting payment for your upcoming trip.

  1. Office hours are Monday - Thursday, 8am to 4:30pm, Fridays 8am to noon. Closed on Wednesdays during summer months, June-Sept.
  2. Please ensure the details on your reservation are 100% correct before submitting payment. I have several bookings on a daily basis and it’s easy to select the wrong date or even hotel from the travel agent portals. Errors discovered after money has been applied to the reservation will be the responsibility of the client as even modifications to airfare, including name corrections, will forfeit the deposit unless travel protection has been purchased.
  3. Because wait times usually average 45 minutes-1 hour with most vendors, inquiries for changes to the reservation will incur a $10 charge. Changes to the reservation will incur a $25 charge.
  4. Once a reservation has been modified by the vendor after booking, it is no longer accessible to me online, therefore, all subsequent payments must be called in and will incur a $5 processing fee.
  5. Before departure, please ensure all travel documents are valid. It is the traveler's responsibilty to ensure passport validity as well as obtain any required visa or completed forms for international travel.
  6. If you have an issue while on vacation, please refer to your travel documents for the 24-hour customer service number. I can only make modifications before the date of departure. The vendor is the only entitiy that can modify flights and hotels once the travel commences.
  7. Any payment submitted to the portal will assume terms and conditions have been read and agreed to.